This is an example of a clearly visible building number. A second reflective number is recommended at the street for nighttime visibility.


  • It is the responsibility of all Hudson property owners and occupants to clearly post their house or building number (Town Code Chapter 281-4)

  • 90% of house numbers are difficult to find at night;

  • 50% are difficult to find during the day.

  • Clearly readable house numbers can save precious time in an emergency, response time is crucial; seconds lost can mean the difference between life and death.

  • Remember your mail carrier always comes from the same way. Police cars and fire trucks may come from any direction.

In an emergency situation, every second counts.

That is why it is important to make sure your house number is posted and easily visible when traveling from both directions.

If you already have a house number, please take a moment to make sure:
  • your house number is well lit at night and still visible during inclement weather.

  • your house number is not obstructed by bushes, trees, snow banks, etc.

  • use actual numerals. DO NOT spell the number, this makes it difficult for emergency personnel to read quickly when passing by.

  • your neighbors have house numbers. If the numbers can be seen when traveling down the road it makes it easier to locate your address.
To get a FREE reflective house number please contact:

Hudson Police Department
Jamie Iskra (603)886-6011 ext. 236

Hudson Fire Department
Steve Dube (603)886-6021

To volunteer in your community and become a member of the GFWC Hudson Junior Woman's Club, please contact:

Lisa Nute at or
Debbie Dunn at

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